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At UK-Fleet fleet driver training we can help you reduce your companies liability if one of your fleet drivers/ company car drivers are involved in an accident.

If, as an employer you have met your obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act by provided fleet driver training or further training/mentoring to your employees then the chances of you or your company being successfully sued will be reduced.
Prosecution have in the past resulted in hefty fines resulting in some companies being bankrupted. Fines of up to 180,000 are not uncommon.
In some cases the Managing Director of the company has faced a prison sentence for manslaughter!

Fleet training sessions can be 1 to 1 or 1 to 2 and a typical session would be about an hour long. This can be adapted to the companies needs depending on how long they want each for their fleet drivers to be assessed and coached.

A typical fleet driver training session will start with both parts of the drivers licence being checked followed by an eyesight test, both conducted by the fleet trainer.
Then we’ll chat about the importance of doing a proper vehicle check and the consequences of not doing a proper vehicle check.

The points we’ll discuss are:
·        Who is the legal owner of the vehicle / Servicing / insurance / Tyre?
·        Who is legally responsible when the vehicle is on the road?
·        What safety checks do you carry out?
·        What is the companies procedure for breakdown  or an accident?
The areas we’ll cover are:
·        Fuel
·        Leaks-Lights
·        Oil
·        Water-Windscreen
·        Electrics
·        Rubber-Tyres & Wiper blades
·        Yourself
·        D.S.S.S.M
The driver will then be given a short presentation, normally 5 to 8 minutes on a topic related to reducing the risk of an accident.
The topic could be any one of these:
·        Speed
·        Mobiles
·        Alcohol
·        Road Conditions
·        Weather Conditions
·        Drugs/Medication
·        Driver Attitude
·        Driver Health
We’ll then go for a short assessment drive where the Trainer will observe the fleet driver, this normally takes about 6/8 minutes. Then there will be a feedback session where the trainer will discuss with the fleet driver his observation and discuss the driver fleet drivers thoughts.
After the feedback sessions we’ll do a 30 to 40 minute coaching session where we’ll go for a drive and the trainer will mentor the driver on how the risk of an accident could be reduced.
At the end of the coaching session the trainer will give a summary to the fleet driver and allow feedback from the fleet driver too.
A written report on the fleet trainers observations and recommendations will be supplied to the company which could be used as proof that the company has fulfilled its annual obligation in providing fleet training under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974. Management of Health and Safety at work Regulations 1992 then amended in 1999.

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